Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Looking Ahead

Yesterday I assessed how well I achieved my goals for last year. Today its time to set goals for the new year. Some of these may look familiar.

1. Compete in at least one 5K run.

2. Finish cross-stitch project.

3. Make working on my quilt a regular part of my routine (once the cross-stitch is finished).

4. Workout consistently. Run/Cardio 3 days/week. Relax with Yoga on off days.

5. Practice music 3 times/week.

6. Take swimming lessons.

7. Set up long-term savings account by March 26th, 2010 (Update 3/26/2010: Ben and I have a plan, but need to save a couple thousand more to implement)

8. Have dog so well trained she can be off the leash.

9. Learn something fun and new, like skiing.

10. Make my life and home greener. Reduce plastics, buy more things second-hand, eat local, eat organic, plant some herbs and a container garden.

11. Read More Books

12. Blog more, at least once per week

13. Become more Fluent in French, reading, writing, and conversing.

14. Improve posture

I am sure that I will be adding to and tweaking this list as the year progresses.


Michele said...

Gawd I'm exhausted just looking at your list. My list looks something like this:
1. sleep
2. eat
3. drink
4. drink wine
5. drink more wine
6. sleep some more

Val said...

Oh, that's cheating! you do that stuff without even trying.