Monday, April 20, 2009

Chihuly at the Phoenix Botanical Garden

Dale Chihuly is a glass sculptor who has a temporary installation at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. We went to see it with friends last weekend. Most of the sculptures were just glass spikes. Boring! I'll share the interesting pieces with you

This sculpture is very intricate

This looks like a giant lollipop!

These spikes are actually cool. see how iridescent they look when the sun shines on them!?

More Spikes

Pretty flower

This was my favorite, a boat full of floats. It reminds me of the beaches of Oregon & Washington all the shops have the glass floats carried over from Japan on the ocean currents. I believe they are/were used to keep fishing nets afloat. most of them are clear glass, but some of them are very pretty and intricate.

Floating blocks of glass. they look like ice burgs don't they?

I love this chandelier it makes me want to curl my hair and dye it blue!

This ones pretty cool too

Giant condoms!

Very pretty and I imagine difficult to do.


Ben R said...

Aw, none of my people photos.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this!

Thanks for you kind comments on my blog, I hope you make it back to Seattle!