Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Thursdays Ever be the Same Again?

One month ago today, on a Thursday evening a very good friend of mine died. Ever since then Thursdays are a very sad day for me. This is the first time I have lost someone so close to me, or someone under 50 years of age. She was 24.

I remember her smile, her shinning eyes, and her love for life. I think of how I will never see any of these things, I think about all the people she left behind. I remember the fun times we had and I miss her. I wish I could write more, maybe sometime in the future.

She really was an amazing person and you are all unfortunate to not have known her. Becki, I miss you so much and I wish you hadn't left so soon. Thank you for all the wonderful moments, and for setting an example for what a woman and a friend could and should be.

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