Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Year in Review

Earlier in 2009 I set some goals to be completed by the end of the year. I figure there is no point in setting goals if don't try to achieve them and then look back to see how you did. So here are my goals how I did, in no particular order.

1. Complete a 5K Run: No

2. Finish Cross-Stitch: Nope

3. Sew 1 quilt block per month, later changed to every 2 months: shakes head sadly

4. Know if I want to pursue a career in musical instrument repair: I figured this one out and the answer is no.

5. Save $xx,xxx: woohoo we reached it, and may have even exceeded it!

6. Catch-up to CSI: Finished!

7. Workout every day: If I had reached that goal probably would have reached the first one.

8. Sew or Practice Music every day: I've gotten better at the sewing but not at the music

9. Take swimming lessons in the fall, if I complete a 5K by the end of the year I get to reward myself with rowing lessons in the spring: We moved to another state in the fall so this is no longer attainable this year, I may still be able to do this at my new home, I'll have to do some research

10. Finish watching West Wing: Awesome series, so glad I saw it all.

Achieved: 4 Unfinished: 5 Void: 1

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monthly Cross-Stitch Update

Here is what being cooped up in the house will do for my craft project.

I hope I can continue to make such big strides each month.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coronado Island

The weekend after 4th of July Ben and I drove 6 hours to vacation on Coronado Island, just off Sand Diego, CA. I am posting these pictures now because some good friends of ours are moving to San Diego and I wanted to share with them what they can enjoy.

We arrived late Friday night and went right to bed after checking into the Coronado Island Inn. The next morning we walked up Orange Avenue towards the ferry landing and went to Tartine for breakfast. We ate quiche and fresh fruit. It was divine! Ben and I wished we could eat breakfast there every weekend.

After breakfast we milled around the shops by the ferry landing and considered renting bicycles. We noticed that most tourists were on bicycles and because of the many intersections they seemed more hassle than they were worth. Besides, the civilian area of the island is only one square mile, it wasn't that far to the beach.

On the way back to our hotel to pack for the beach we stopped at Boney's Bayside Market to get items for a picnic lunch. We found out that you could order sandwiches from the deli counter so we didn't have to make them ourselves.

We walked the mile down Orange Avenue (the main road on the island) to the main beach and on the way shopped at Bay Books. The proprietors were the nicest women you'll ever meet.

The Hotel Del Coronado from the Beach

A closer view of the main entrance dome

We found some cabana seats in front of the Hotel del Coronado and ate our picnic lunch. Then we went down to the water and set up towels. We read, took pictures of the front of the hotel, and played in the water.

The Pacific Ocean!

Almost half the island is a naval base, so you'll see lots of ships like this if you ever visit.

When we came back to our towels we found that our lunch leftovers had been pillaged. The Seagulls on the island are aggressive. A kind neighbor had tried to protect our things, but the seagulls got to the food anyway.

See the orange? That's the carrots from my wrap that they devoured.

Look what they did to this apple!

After leaving the beach we stopped by the Brigantine Seafood Restaurant across the street from The Del (what locals call the Hotel del Coronado) and enjoyed happy hour. I had 2 very wonderful Bloody Mary's and Ben had 2-3 Coronado Iced Teas. We also ate some decent appetizers. On the way back to our hotel we stopped by the famed Moo Time Creamery. Ben didn't get any, but I had black raspberry chocolate chip. Yummy!

We were so full and exhausted from our day we didn't end up eating dinner. The next morning we made sure to stop by Tartine for more wonderful food and atmosphere before driving back to Phoenix.

I would love to go back there sometime, get a tour of The Del, and maybe do some sea kayaking. Ben and I both loved this place and hope to make it our special vacation spot. Next time I think we will stay on the mainland at a cheaper hotel and take the ferry to the island.