Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Product Review: Almond Yogurt

I've been eating soy yogurt & granola as part of my breakfast for a few years now, & now that more dairy alternative yogurts are showing up on the market I thought I'd give them a try. First up: almond milk based yogurt.

I buy my yogurt in the big tubs since I eat so much of it, so I figured I'd start out with 24 oz tub of plain 'amande' brand cultured almondmilk from my co-op. When I opened up the tub it was a big solid mass sitting in clear-ish liquid. I was clearly gonna have stir up this entire thing before I could use any of it. It did not come out very smooth, kind a chunky, almost the consistency of cottage cheese. Wait, I brought my nose closer for a sniff. It smelled like cottage cheese! And yes it tasted more like a non-dairy approximation of cottage cheese than of yogurt. I did not look forward to my morning bowl of 'yogurt' & granola for the next two weeks.

I recommend the plain flavor of amande as a cottage cheese substitute. It will give you that consistency, smell & slightly tangy taste. This product could easily be re-branded as such, especially as I have not ever seen a non-dairy cottage cheese on store shelves. Perhaps the vanilla flavor would approximate ricotta? I hope the individual serving size containers stir up to that chunky consistency so that I won't have to buy a big tub the next time a cottage cheese craving hits.

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