Thursday, January 20, 2011

5K Personal Record

On Saturday December 18th 2010 I set a personal record. I ran the Santa Runs Tacoma 5K in 26 minutes 29 seconds. It was my second race ever.

Ben came with Rachel and I to act as cheering section and photographer. Which is truly saying something as he is not a morning person. Thanks so much honey! I love you!

Here we are at the starting line, waiting with nervous excitement for the go signal.

You can see the head of the pack running up the hill as the race gets underway.

Just before I reached the base of this hill I shot like a rocket to the finis line. I had planned on doing so at the bottom of the hill, but something came over me before that point & I just booked it.

It turns out, if I hadn't booked it when I did, I wouldn't have run this race a full two minutes faster than I ran my first 5K the Sunday before.

I look forward to running a 5K again in late 2011 to see how much faster I can run this distance.

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