Sunday, October 17, 2010

Return to WA, Day 1

A year ago today Ben & I began our week long drive to Washington State. We were so happy to be moving back! We were able to take a week & make a great vacation out of it. The first day we drove from Scottsdale, AZ to Las Vegas, NV.

In case you've ever wondered, this is what fall looks like in the southwest; barely a hint of orange.

There are some pretty interesting rock formations in the southwest.

High desert of Northern Arizona.

When the sun sets, the landscape blazes orange.

Hoover Dam at Sunset.

We got to Hoover dam just as the sun was setting. We stopped at the lookout & let the dog stretch her legs. Ben took lots of photos; 95% of which came out blurry.

We stayed at a pretty comfy hotel off the strip, across the street from the outlet mall. They gave us a coupon for the Italian restaurant across the street where we had a decent meal & enjoyed some wine.


Michele said...

You know that they got that huge bridge across the Colorado done now? You don't get to go over the dam. I think that is kind of sad.

Ben Reilly said...

Sad until you realize you aren't waiting an extra hour to get to Vegas from Phoenix.

Truthfully I support any effort to make it easier for people to leave Phoenix.