Sunday, June 1, 2008

Part 2: Red Canyon

On Tuesday April 15th we made it into Utah and ran into snow in Salt Lake City. We spent the night at Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon and planned to do a little sightseeing the next morning. However, when we checked in around 8pm it was already 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and as you can imagine the next morning was very cold. Seeing as we didn't have any of our winter gear we thought we could go to the visitors center and there would be some sort of vantage point at which we could grab a few pictures. The entrance fee to the park was $25 and we felt that was a bit much for just a photo-op and no hiking. We did get these amazing pictures of Red Canyon though:

Snow in Utah!

Ben got out of the truck and took this amazing picture at the
entrance of Red Canyon

Rock Formations in Red Canyon

This was taken on the road between
Bryce Canyon and Red Canyon

I love the conical pine trees and rocks
contrasted against the sky

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