Saturday, May 17, 2008

Robot Art & a Jewel of a Restaurant

Ok, time to take a break from the trip, although I haven't been doing much of that lately anyway. Last night Ben and I went to my friend Jason's art gallery in downtown Phoenix, called The Trunk Space, and saw some really cool robot art by Jon S. Borrette. We really enjoyed all of his pieces and were amazed by the detail that could be created with pen and ink.
Afterwards, I took Ben to one of my favorite restaurants which is the only one I know of that is within walking distance of work. I go whenever I can get an hour lunch break. The Willow House is so good in fact that I ate there twice in one day. They have the general cafe fair of coffee, tea, cold drinks, soups, salads, and sandwiches. They also offer more unique items such as a pita pizza and a hummus & pita platter that are both excellent. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly without making omnivores feel disdained.

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Val said...

The Willow House has closed since the posting of this blog entry :(